About MedPlan Network

MedPlan Network is a solution to insurance agents and financial planning advisors that do not sell health insurance, medicare supplements, medicare advantage plans, prescription drug plans, dental insurance, vision insurance, hearing insurance, hospital/medical indemnity, cancer insurance, accident insurance, critical illness or any health insurance related products.  These products include individual, family and employer health insurance plans.

By “outsourcing” these types of coverages and plans to MedPlan Network, the Referring Agent/Advisor (RA) has peace-of-mind knowing that his/her clients are being well taken care of by a licensed, trained & certified Virtual Agent (VA) who will offer the RA’s client the best health insurance plans available in their market.

For “outsourcing” these types of coverages and plans to MedPlan Network, the Referring Agent/Advisor (RA) will receive a one-time “referral fee” for each referral that purchases a health insurance plan or plans.  The “referral fee” will be paid on any/all issued & paid insurance plans that have been written by the Virtual Agent (VA) under the MedPlan Network hierarchy.


Over the last 12 years, selling health insurance in the Under Age 65 market, the Over 65 market and the Group market has become more cumbersome for an insurance agent / advisor.  Underwriting requirements changed; government legislation has change the requirements in plan design, administration, compliance and the solicitation of the coverages; and carrier demands on the agent / advisor with commission reductions, product certifications and production requirements.

Consequently, agents that sell P&C, financial products and specialty risk have exited the health insurance market leaving their clients on their own to make health insurance buying decisions.  Nevertheless, these agents / advisors still receive inquiries, questions and requests to purchase health insurance coverage from their agency/firm.  Thus, creating an opportunity for the agent/advisor to “Outsource” these requests to a trusted, experienced and valuable source – MedPlan Network.


MedPlan Network Makes Health Insurance Easy for Referring Agents!

As your Medical Insurance partner, we find Medical Insurance solutions for your clients by providing professional advice, comprehensive solutions and affordable peace-of-mind.

Simply, we shop the marketplace for the best Medical Insurance options available by Zip code, County and State. Thus, giving you and your client the best Medical Insurance plan options that they can afford.  

Our professionally trained & certified Virtual Agents (VA) assist you and your client in the application/enrollment process for Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. Plus, we offer Supplemental Insurance benefits that compliment these coverages. 

By outsourcing to MedPlan Network, you have a strong partner and a trusted source to help your new & existing clients with their Medical Insurance needs. This adds value to your existing business; while increasing your new business and retention rate.  It's all about relationships and creating value!  


Products & Solutions for Your Valued Clients

We Make Health Insurance Easy!

 Individual & Family Market

  • Major Medical Insurance plans
  • Health Insurance plans
  • Individual MEC plans
  • Dental & Vision plans
  • Hospital Indemnity & Accident plans
  • Cancer & Critical Illness plans
  • Disability Income Insurance plans
  • Medicare Disability plans
  • HMA - Health Matching Account
  • Medical Savings Account
  • Health Savings Account

Senior Market

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Part D drug plans
  • Medicaid Medicare plans
  • Special Needs Medicare plans
  • Dental, Vision & Hearing plans
  • Hospital Indemnity & Accident plans
  • Cancer & Critical Illness plans
  • Long Term Care & Short Term Care plans
  • Final Expense Life Insurance plans
  • Health Matching Accounts (HMA)

Employer Group Market

  • Group Major Medical Insurance plans
  • Group Dental & Vision plans
  • Group Disability Income (STD & LTD) plans
  • Group Life Insurance plans
  • Ancillary Benefits
    • Voluntary Benefits
    • Hospital Indemnity
    • Accident
    • Cancer
    • Life Insurance
  • Wellness Programs

Employer Group Plan Compliance

  • Eligibility
  • Secondary Payor Rules

Employer Group Plan Administration

  • Eligibility & Enrollment
  • Benefits Communication
  • QSEHRA Plans
  • HMA/HRA/HSA Plans
  • Section 125/FSA/DCC Plans
  • Benefits Integration Platform Tools
  • Utilization & Data Analytics

Business Insurance

  • Key Man Insurance
  • Employee Retention plans
  • Buy-Sell Agreement plans
  • Business Overhead Expense plans

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Our licensed, trained & certified advisors will build you a customized market analysis of the right plan for you, your family or business.

Terri - Indiana

 As a P&C Agency and with all of the CMS compliance rules, I'm glad to partner with MedPlan Network. I have the trust and confidence that the VA's with MedPlan Network will take good care of my clients.

John - Indiana

Having MedPlan Network assist my clients with their Medicare Drug Plans really helps our office.  I'll send all of our Medicare Supplement clients to you for drug plan assistance.

Mike - Tennessee

We primarily focus on Commercial P&C.  When it comes to medicare or health, we turn to MedPlan Network.  They know what they're doing and they take care of our clients.  That's important to us.

Jennifer - Indiana

 We're a P&C agency, health insurance is something we don't have time for.  It makes more sense to outsource it to MedPlan Network and let them help our clients.  They do a good job! 

Dave - Kentucky

Our focus is on Medicare & Financial Planning products.  When it comes to health insurance, ACA and those products; we refer all of our clients to MedPlan Network.  They're great!

Matt - Indiana

As a captive P&C agency, we just don't have all the health insurance & medicare products available to truly help our clients.  MedPlan Network does and that's why when a client asks for it, we send them to MedPlan Network.

Holly - Indiana

 Medicare and Health insurance is just something we don't do.  Our clients ask for it, but we just refer it to MedPlan Network.  They take great care of our clients. 

Kris - Indiana

 Health Insurance & Medicare is something we don't handle.  We used to before Advantage Plans and Obamacare.  Now we're happy to help our customers with the assistance of MedPlan Network and their team. 

Don - Kentucky

When it comes to ACA and health insurance, we prefer to send our clients to MedPlan Network.  You do a nice job and know what you're talking about.

David - Indiana

With all the changes in health insurance & medicare, it's just easier to refer our clients to MedPlan Network.  I've known Joe for 27 years, I trust them

Joe - Tennessee

Being a Commerical P&C agency, it just makes since to let MedPlan Network and their team handle anything health insurance.  Even medicare & group benefits.  They're better at it.

Bob - Ohio

My focus is on Financial Planning, but my clients ask me all the time for help on health insurance.  I refer them to MedPlan Network.

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